Learning for the real world.

This year in grade 3/4 P we are working towards learning for the real world. This means that studnts can engage and challenge themselves in the classroom by working on skills that will assit them in real life situations.

Some of our simple yet effective learnings have been the inclusion of Twitter in the classrom, connecting with the world and world wide classrooms.

Genuis hour whereby students can engage in their own independent learning by investigating topics and learnings that engage their own personal passions.

BTN or Behind the News where students can watch student friendly media and challenge others in the learning environment with rich discussion, exploration of facts and opinion and connecting with world wide events.


Below are some of the links that you may like to incorporate and investigate how we have implemented these in our own room!

Twitter: @epsom_p34

BTN: abc.net.au/btn

Genius Hr: www.geniushour.com



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