Be excited about what you teach!

I thought I best not write a novel for this post but maybe a comment and you can all just fire a thought back at me!

I think that if we are not excited about what we are going to teach our students in a lesson then we shouldn’t teach that lesson!

If im bored and not excited about what I want to teach my students how can I expect them to want to learn it!

One thought on “Be excited about what you teach!

  1. In some ways I agree with you Tristan. However not everything in life is exciting and some things just have to be done. Sometimes we have to put in the hard yards for outcomes down the line. Having said this the manner in which we teach and attitude we have to learning is transferred to students. So if we think something is improtant so will they. Enthusiasm can be there to learn about something but not necessarily excitement. Can we make everythng exciting? There is a balance however we need to make things interesting and have a purpose. Why are we doing this? Not just incase but because…….

    Thanks for your post from Jenny

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