Be excited about what you teach!

I thought I best not write a novel for this post but maybe a comment and you can all just fire a thought back at me!

I think that if we are not excited about what we are going to teach our students in a lesson then we shouldn’t teach that lesson!

If im bored and not excited about what I want to teach my students how can I expect them to want to learn it!

Challenging students to better themselves and to become a team.

In term 2 we have decided as a class to bring houses or teams to our class. A huge focus of this term will be Team Work and how we as a class influence eachother, how we influence students in the school and how we can make changes in the school if we work hard enough as a team. We have discussed how our class team is made up of individuals, who in turn, make up our class, our class make up our upper school, and our upper school is half of Epsom Primary.

We use teamwork to challenge our learning and how we can get better and better each day! I set students high expectations so they know that if I believe in them that they can do it! We talk up what we can do for others in the school and how we can set the example and help others be the best they can be.

Each day I have placed the following goals on our board for all students.

Teamwork, Respecting our differences and Improving Everyday!

Do you think its important to talkup team work? What are some ways we could do it differently?