Hi all and welcome to my blog.

Over the course of my first year as a professional teacher I will endeavour to communicate to you all the innovative and different ways that we will be learning in 3/4P. I am excited to take on new challenges each and every day and help our students achieve great things. One major aspect of our learning in 3/4P will be the use of the Daily 5 as well as Learning for the 21st century.

At the present time we are working extremely well with our Daily 5 learning and encouraging students to enjoy and embrace independence and take ownership of some of their daily learning. Students have been working on “good fit books” and using our iPick strategies. Students have spent time focusing on “Why writers write” and identifying the purpose behind why they are writing each day.

The added inclusion of a Publishers Checklist has aided students to find ways to proofread, edit and revise their writing. The purpose of the writers checklist is to allow students to own their work and not rely so heavily on teachers correcting 100% of the challenges students may encounter.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. HI Tristan,

    The daily 5 sounds very exciting. What do you think are the major differences in this program to the early years type of programs in literacy?

    How are your students reacting to having more choices and control over their learning?

    As a teacher how do you feel standing back and letting the students drive the program?

    Not long to go and your first term is over. What is the main thing you have learned this term as a graduate teacher?

    Thanks for your first post,

    I look forward to reading more posts. Sorry for all the questions but I just keep wondering.

    Cheers from Jenny

    • Hi Jen,

      I feel that students in the upper year levels have engaged well with having more choice over their learning.
      For me the focus needs to be on ensuring that students still have a learning objective so that the choice of learning has a purpose and not simply students choice because.

      I think its valuable that I have the opportunity to stand back and not simply dictate what students do in the classroom 24/7.
      This is a real world skill that students are lerning as there is not always going to be support if students need help therefore its valuable to allow students this time.

  2. Hi Tristan,
    I am also really enjoying the Daily 5 but found it hard (and still find it hard) to give the children choice of what part of the Daily 5 they work on and when. This year we all Work on Writing at the same, we all Read to Self at the same time, we all Work on Words at the same time etc. I just find it works for me that way at the moment.
    Publishers Checklist sound good as I plan on looking more closely at the proofreading, editing and publishing stages of writing with my class.
    Happy Blogging!

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